Getting Started


The Easiest Way To Earn Free $AIDOGEX for AI DogeX Project – You can earn free tokens quickly and safely too, just by joining the airdrop campaign. These are indeed the best ways to get into valuable $AIDOGEX at no cost and with low risk. 👉 Get Airdrop

Join PinkSale Presale

PinkSale Presale is an exclusive opportunity to receive the best price for $AIDOGEX. The buy competition bonuses are available and investors can benefit from the token value increase if AI DogeX project is successful. 👉 Join PinkSale Presale

Buy on Pancakeswap

After the $AIDOGEX is launched, you can buy it freely on Pancakeswap. Usually, prices go up because some potential buyers miss out on the PinkSale presale. 👉 Buy on Pancakeswap